Tibet Gold Mine Project


In June 2015, gold mining drilling was carried out in Longzi and Chunna counties in the China-India border area.

Both construction sites are distributed between 4800m-5200m in altitude. The atmospheric pressure is low and the air is thin, which is a huge challenge to the construction personnel and drilling motor power system. The mining area is far from the central town, hundreds of kilometers of mountains, and the traffic is extremely inconvenient. Material support and technical support are very difficult. At the same time, due to climatic reasons, the construction season is short and the construction period is very tight. It also puts forward harsh requirements for the reliability and drilling speed of the equipment. The Tallrate technical team has formulated targeted construction plans, fully communicated with geological personnel and crew members, and fully communicated with local geological conditions, equipment maintenance, fault repair and parts support plans. After several months of drilling construction, the established tasks were successfully completed.

Construction conditions: plateau hills, 4800-5200m altitude, temperature: -18 ℃ ~ 8 ℃

Bore diameter: 75mm, design hole depth: 1250m, inclination angle of 70 °

Tibet Gold Mine Project.jpg

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